Why Latin America?

Why Latin America?


There’s a need.

If you want numbers, we have plenty. Rather than blast you with Latin America statistics (like the fact that primary education enrolment has been on a decline in Central America for the past 10 years, or that Central America is home to the top two poorest countries in the Western hemisphere), we want to provide you a better picture of the communities we work with, the accomplishments we’ve had and the challenges we face by telling you about our communities.

 It’s close.

We want to keep these trips feasible for short-term volunteering. This means choosing locations that only require one day of travel. Of course there are needs globally, but we’ve chosen to concentrate on crafting meaningful and sustainable relationships with partner organizations and communities in one area. This makes the price of our work lean and effective for potential volunteers, communities and SOS.

 It’s challenging.

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You will be out of your comfort zone. Many of your familiarities are not present in these communities, which are predominantly rural and Spanish-speaking locations. This is both one of the more challenging and more rewarding aspects of the trips. Read about ourpast trips or visit ourblog to learn more about volunteer experiences.