Trip Safety & Logistics

Safety, Support, Communication, and Accomodations

We provide an incredibly rich community integration experience, but we pride ourselves on making sure you're safe at every step of the way.

Safety & Support


Accommodation and Living Arrangements

The safety and support of our volunteers is our primary concern.

We review each of our communities in terms of their ability to safely accommodate volunteers, and train them with the skills to do so. We conduct pre-departure sessions- from worksite safety training, language training to mental preparation – with each participant and provide them with necessary gear to make the biggest impact. After the trip, we’ll follow through with you to see what additional support we can provide.

We provide each participant with comprehensive insurance and register them for government services while traveling abroad.

Finally, each group is equipped with two (fantastic) leaders, one from Canada and one local, who work with the group and the community for the full duration of the trip.

Leading up to your trip, you’ll be in constant communication with your volunteer trip leader, the rest of the students on your trip and the head office. You trip leader lead you and the rest of the volunteers through a series of pre-departure meetings to help prepare you for your trip. Head office is always a phone call or email away to answer any other questions that you have before you head out.

When you’re away on an Outreach Trip we know that your family and friends at home will be wondering how you’re doing and what you’re up to. Many of the communities where we work are pretty remote and you may not always have internet access, so our Head Office will be in touch with your local group leader to make sure your loved ones receive regular updates.

It is important to SOS that we promote integration and collaboration between international volunteers and local communities. Trips typically camp in available community structures (classrooms, community centers, etc.), and live as close to the conditions of the community as possible. We believe this encourages a greater understanding of the lives and conditions of the community members, which ultimately results in more genuine, mutually-beneficial working relationships.

Many of the communities we work in have limited access to electricity, running water and the basic amenities you may be used to in your daily life. SOS believes –and many past volunteers agree – that living in the conditions of the community makes the experience and the lessons learned more impactful and valuable. You will be challenged in ways that, while not affecting your safety or security, will create an opportunity for growth and education.That being said, we want you to be informed every step of the way. We communicate expectations from both parties well before arrival so that everyone involved can prepare.

“We would like to thank-you for keeping us posted on the group’s program and agenda throughout there trip to Guatemala. We were at the airport to greet Jillian and from watching the group and listening to some of Jillian’s stories, it sounded like a wonderful and safe experience. Once again on behalf of the Pizzo family thank-you very much.”

– Tony & Nancy Pizzo