Outreach Trip Pricing

How much does an Outreach Trip cost?

Every Outreach Trip Participant must make 3 payments for the total of their Outreach Trip:

1. Deposit: $300.00 CAD

This is collected when you confirm your participation on the trip. We ask for a deposit to signal your commitment to the trip and the host community who will be notified of your attendance. Included in this $300.00 deposit is all the support, resources, and training you will receive from SOS Head Office before, during , and after your Outreach Trip.


2. Flight and Insurance Cost: Depending on your Departure City
SOS works exclusively with Flight Centre to arrange flights and insurance for all our volunteers. Flight Centre provides volunteers with the ability to pay them directly for the flight itinerary chosen by SOS. Once your deposit is paid, Flight Centre will contact you directly to coordinate the purchase of your flight and insurance. All volunteers participating on the same SOS Outreach Trip will travel together. All SOS volunteers are required to purchase Travel and Medical Insurance through Flight Centre. 


3. Participation Fee: $ 900.00 CAD

This is the last payment collected and it covers all your in country needs. Including food, clean drinking water, 24-7 supervision and support, and safety equipment.  

The Total Fee includes:

  • All meals in community (does not include meals at the airport or during rest days)
  • Living arrangements in a community facility 
  • In-country transportation to/from airport and project site
  • Pre/during/post trip support, including all Pre Departure Training
  • Support from a bilingual Trip Leader 24/7 during the trip

The total fees does not include:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Immunizations 
  • Checked baggage fees from Airline
  • Travel Visas
  • Rest Day activities and meals
  • Accommodation during transit (dependant on the time of arrival to and departure from host  country for overnight accommodations)

Policies: Fundraising, Payments & Cancellations


Payment Schedule

Refunds & Cancellations

SOS encourages fundraising as a way to lower the cost of the trip while communicating to others what it is you’ll be doing while abroad.

The best news? We’ve already started fundraising for you!

The project that you’re going to build can cost up to twenty thousand dollars, for the foremen, the bricks, the rebar, the paint, the working tools and more. Our volunteers on university campuses have worked all year to hold Exam Aid Sessions to fund the costs of this project. We do not ask for a financial contribution from you, the Outreach Trip Participant, as other organizations sometimes do.

Because these funds are generated by our volunteers across campus, the only financial contribution we ask for goes towards your in country and preparation logistics. We ask that you bring your positive attitude, your openness, and your work ethic.

If you decide to do personal fundraising, that’s great! And we will certainly be here to assist.

However, in order to make the necessary preparations for your trip, all fundraising must be received in coordination with our payment schedule.

It is the responsibility of the Outreach Trip Participant to ensure that their payments are received by the dates listed below. Missed deadlines will result in a $25.00 to $50.00 fee.

May Trips:

  • Program Deposit: Due upon acceptance to confirm and hold your spot on the trip.
  • Flight Cost: Determined by Airline
  • Participation Fee: April 1st

August Trip:

  • Program Deposit – Due upon acceptance to confirm and hold your spot on the trip.
  • Flight Cost:Determined by Airline
  •  Participation Fee: – July 1st

Outreach Trip participants make payments for Outreach Trips in a series of instalments. Details for each trip’s payment amounts and due dates, vary by trip and will be made available to applicants online.

Participants are responsible for adhering to all payment due dates. Failure to do so may result in loss of their space on a trip as well as forfeiting fees paid to date, or alternatively additional fees for late payments.

Cancellations and Refunds

Upon payment of the Trip Deposit and submission of required documentation, the participant will be directed to a mandatory Travel Insurance Policy, provided through Flight Centre, that includes coverage in case of trip cancellation.

Should you seek to cancel your participation on the Outreach Trip, you can refer to the insurance policy to request a refund of Flight Costs directly through the insurance provider. It is the responsibility of the participant to review coverage and submit the appropriate documentation for any necessary claims.

Trip Deposits and Participation Fees are non-refundable, only unless SOS needs to cancel a trip. Should SOS cancel a trip for any reason, Trip Deposits and Participation Fees will be refunded automatically to participants. Should SOS cancel a trip, refunds for Flight Costs will be provided in accordance with the Travel Insurance policy provided through Flight Centre.

Requirement of Notice
Should a participant seek to cancel their participation in a trip, they must provide notice to SOS prior to the due date of their Flight and Travel Insurance payment due date. Failure to do so may result in additional fees incurred to SOS and its NGO partners. SOS is entitled pursue all available methods of recouping funds from participants for any damages incurred.

Switching Trips
In some cases, payments made towards one trip may be transferable to a different trip. Please consult with the SOS Head Office team directly should you seek to switch to a different trip for any reason.

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