About SOS 


Students Offering Support (SOS) is an international network of student volunteers on various university campuses across North America. Our volunteers coordinator Exam-AID group review sessions that help their peers study for exams. A 3-hour review session costs a $20 donation, and money raised is used to fund the education-based development projects built on outreach trips each summer throughout Latin America. Check out the short video to learn more!



Raising Marks

Volunteers manage SOS campus chapters as social enterprises,
planning and running “Exam-AID” group review sessions. During our 3-4 hour Exam-AID sessions, volunteer leaders take their peers over all the material covered on an upcoming exam.

Raising Money

SOS asks for a $10-$20 donation to attend an Exam-AID session. The money generated from these sessions is used to fund education development projects in rural Latin

Raising Roofs

These projects are not just funded by, but also built by volunteers on outreach trips. Each May & August, volunteers spend two weeks building the project their SOS chapter funded over the year, exposing them to a whole new culture and to the impact of their time and efforts.

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