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What does an SOS outreach trip experience look like? Well, with over ten years experience working with more than 45 communities in 11 countries, each outreach trip is distinctly different, while still containing the fundamentals that make SOS unique. All outreach participants experience the same core aspects: you’ll spend two weeks living IN the community (not bused in from a neighboring city), working along-side members of the community on an education-based development project. Your days are spent working, while your late-afternoons and nights are reserved for exploring, interacting and learning about the culture, language and way of life of the community members. This experience is immersive, an opportunity we guarantee will both challenge and broaden your understanding of the world as well as your role within it. Check out the video and hear what it’s like from past participants!


Two weeks in length.
10+ trips scheduled for February, May and August, 2017.
Pricing includes flight, local transportation, room & board, insurance and ongoing SOS HQ support.
Education-based development projects in Latin America.
1-2 rest days per week are spent relaxing, connecting with the community, or exploring the local culture.

Our 2017 Outreach Trips

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Thank you for visiting our page. All our 2017 Outreach Trips have now closed! Please check back in September for our 2018 Outreach Trips.

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